30 May 2012

Essie: Vanity Fairest

I have said it before and I will say it again - I love Essie! Definitely my favourite nail polish brand ever! I adore every polish I own by them and this isn't an exception.

You may have seen this already if you follow me on Instagram but it's such a beautiful shade that I felt it deserved a whole post of its own!

It;s a very sheer pinky colour which builds up easily for a more opaque look although it will need a good 7 coats to be totally opaque I should imagine and I'm not really prepared to apply that many haha! The photo about is 4 coats but they do dry easily and I was able to do things after only 10 minutes drying time which is quite fast for me!

There is a beautiful shimmer to this polish which I totally adore, it's the perfect silvery pink shimmer with just the right amount throughout and just makes the polish look so much more beautiful. I will say this though, tiny little bubble appeared on certain nails. I'm not sure whether I should have left them to dry between coats a little bit longer or maybe I applied a slightly thicker coat, I don't know but it was worth mentioning. It's not really noticeable as you can tell from the photograph but in certain  lights if you look closely you can see the bubbles. It's not enough to put me off using this though and this is easily a favourite now!

29 May 2012


Since I tried the Seanik shampoo bar I have been a real LUSH shampoo convert! I have tried a few shampoos from LUSH before but these two have been my favourites. So before I go off on one and gush over how amazing their Seanik bar is I shall get back on track and tell you how amazing their Big shampoo is!

I was a bit wary of using shampoo with so much sea slat in it thinking my hair would just dry out and frizz up like no end but I am pleased to say I was very wrong! This makes my hair so unbelievably soft! It cleans so impeccably well and lathers like a dream, oh how it lathers! I used about a 50p sized amount which was more than enough for my hair which falls just above my bum so a little goes a long way with this! The lather is like no other! It is the creamiest feeling softest, biggest lather I have ever encountered with a shampoo before and I am in love!

The grains of salt are pretty hefty and I was expecting them to be a bit scratchy but again, wrong! They really help make my scalp and hair feel squeaky clean! I even skipped a conditioner and my hair is still super soft and shiny!

The scent is quite strong at first but it does go once your hair has dried. It quite an odd scent to describe but to me is smells like orange blossom and the ocean. I'm not overly keen on it but I don't hate it either, I can see it growing on me though! As for volume, my hair was bigger even when wet! I have quite flat hair and the length of it make it appear even flatter but this adds some much needed oomph!

This is just a bit over £10 which is pretty average for LUSH and I will definitely re purchase! If you are looking for a cheaper version of this then check out Seanik! They do smell different though, Big smells both ocean and floral whereas Seanik just has the ocean scent about it. This is definitely up there in my top shampoos!

26 May 2012

Review: MAC Shy Girl

This is the first MAC creamsheen that I've really loved the texture of! Strange I know but this one just feels a lot more slippy and less heavy making the application a huge amount more pleasing. It's more velvety in texture and has a more glossy sheen to it.

The shade is a beautiful peachy nude with a golden shimmer throughout although it looks nearly silver in the tube, it really is a "my lips but better" kind of lipstick for me but with an added shimmer which is lovely, especially for the summer.

As with all MACs lipsticks it has a sweet, vanilla scent which is light but you can smell it on your lips. I prefer lipsticks to have no scent or very little and MACs are slightly more scented than I would like but hey ho!

I really love this lipstick and can see it being worn a lot! It's a really effortless lipstick that adds such a nice addition to pretty much any make up look!

23 May 2012

Review: Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in Apricot Shimmer

I had been debating whether or not to get this for a while now and by that I mean trying to decide whether £16 for what's essentially a lip balm is really acceptable! haha! I can tell you now that it is! I wasn't really expecting it to be much different to any other lip balm I've tried before but it really is!

I got the shade number 2 which is also called Apricot Shimmer but I don't notice any shimmer to the gloss really but it is an apricot sort of shade but it doesn't really transfer a lot on the lips really but my goodness! They didn't lie when they called it a lip perfector!

The consistency is the most amazing balmy texture which is super light, feels so lovely and has a gorgeous light toffee scent to it! It really makes my lips look perfect! I don't know how they do it but the balm really does some how make my lips look amazing and I love it! It's my go to lip product at the moment because I'm going through quite an anti lipstick phase and favouring lighter, balmy glosses and this is by far the best I've ever tried an it's definitely worth the price tag! In fact, I'm just about to buy the pink version!

20 May 2012

The Sunday Post #5: Weekend Brush Wash

I'm a bit on a neat freak, everything has it's place and everything is better when it's squeaky clean and this includes my make up brushes. I clean my brushes about once a week, eye brushes more if I'm using them for a lot of different colours which doesn't happen a lot but there is nothing worse than messing up your eyeshadow with a dirty brush!

There are numerous methods for cleaning your make up brushes out there and mine isn't anything special but I thought I'd share it anyway!

So, first of all I just take my brush and wet it with cold water and swirl it about a bit to make sure I get all the bristles. Now, the next step depends on how filthy the brush is, If it is particularly dirty I take Dr Bronner's Magic Soap (I use the Eucalyptus kind) and squirt a few drops into my palm. I them take the wet brush and swirl it around in the soap, lather it up and rinse. This stuff really is magic it terms of brush cleaning! I cannot fault it at all! It's gets literally everything off my brushes from gel eyeliner to foundation, it's really brilliant stuff!

Next, once I've rinsed of the soap I then take the brush and swirl it in my Savon De Marcielle Olive to give it a double cleanse and to condition it. I then flick the brush so it's not dripping wet, re shape it and the place it on a flannel to dry overnight and voila! If the brush isn't particularly dirty I will skip the Dr Bronner's and just give it a swirl in the Savon De Marceille Olive.

Both of these products are amazing and I can't see myself using anything else! The Savon De Marceille Olive was about £3 off eBay and the Dr Bronners Soap is £5.95 for a full sized bottle (mine is a sample from a beauty box).

16 May 2012

NOTD: Essie - Expose Your Toes

This is my latest edition to me collection of Essie polishes and is definitely going to be a favourite! It's a beautiful creamy, baby pink with a very subtle silvery white shimmer. You can only see the shimmer if you look very very closely but it adds such a nice dimension to the colour in a subtle way making it a lot more interesting than a flat pink polish.

It's pretty easy to work with and 2 coats is enough for me but it definitely needs more than 1 coat as the first is quite streaky to begin with which is pretty average for light colours for me at least.

This shade is just such a lovely girly one which will look great on anyone!

15 May 2012

Top 5: Nude Lipsticks


I've always been a pink or nude kinda girl when it comes to my lips, I love colour but I don't think it really suits me so I do tend to stick to the lighter shades most days. I'm going through a nude phase at the moment so thought I'd share my favourites with you all!

Revlon Sugar Frosting - This has been sat out on my make up shelf for a good week or so now because I've literally been wearing it most days! I love how it feels, how it looks, everything about it! It hasn't got a colour as such, it's more of a glossy shimmer that adds amazing dimension to my lips!

17 Mirror Shine Beehive - This is a beautiful peachy nude with the most pretty gloss to it! It's probably the glossiest lipstick I own and feels more like a gloss than a lipstick which I love. It isn't sticky at all and feels amazing on the lips. It's quite similar to MAC Hue but with a tonne more gloss!

MAC Hue - This is probably my favourite nude lipstick of all time! It's the perfect colour for me! It's a light peachy nude with a very subtle shimmer which adds a beautiful dimension into the mix. It's a glaze formula so it's quite sheer and has a sheen which I much prefer to MACs creamsheen because it doesn't feel as heavy on the lips.

MAC Shy Girl - This is probably my favourite creamsheen from MAC, I'm not overly keep on creamsheens so that's saying something! It feels a lot less thick than other creamsheens I own which I'm pleased about because the colour is beautiful. It's a golden, peachy nude which is basically my lips but with a gold shimmer so it's very wearable.

Topshop Coy - Now this is probably my favourite pastel peachy lip ever! The formula is pants and it's way to drying to wear on its own so a balm as a base is a must but the colour of this is so so beautiful it gets away with having such a horrible formula! Haha!

I have put links to posts where I'm wearing each of these lipsticks in the list above to save piling this post with a million photos!

14 May 2012

Dupe: MAC Shy Girl

I think this is the closest dupe I've found so far for a MAC lipstick! They are pretty much identicle and the price difference is a good £10 which is a great saving!

The dupe I have found for Shy Girl is NYX Pumpkin Pie. I have loved NYX lipsticks ever since I bought my first one a few months ago and spotted this one on eBay the other week.

MAC Shy Girl is a peachy nude with golden shimmer and NYX Pumpkin Pie is the spitting image with the only different being a slightly more slippy, easier to apply formula and a purpley shimmer as opposed to a golden one. The different in the shimmer make the NYX lipstick ever so slightly pinker than Shy Girl but defnintely not enough difference to notice really, as you can tell from the photographs above.

So that my little dupe for Shy Girl! More dupes to come soon!

10 May 2012

Review: Real Techniques Setting Brush

I bought this on a whim the other day, not knowing really what to expect because I haven't actually read any reviews on this brush!

It's another Real Techniques brush, I am seriously in love with the brushes I have had and my eye on the Core Collection for ages! This brush is their Setting Brush which is a new addition to their collection and the idea behind it is for applying highlighter and other powders in a more controlled way and I have to agree with that!

I have been using their Blush Brush for my highlighter which does the job but sometimes I feel it's a little too large and I've been pinching it to create more control over the application and that is where this beauty comes in! I am never going back to using big brushes for my highlighter! The brush itself is tapered, similar to the Blush Brush only smaller! It gives such a great level of control over my highlighting step, it is so much easier to place the powder on the areas I want to highlight rather than ending up with it all over my face! The base isn't widened like the other, large brushes I have from their collection so it fits a lot better in my brush pot.

Since using this brush my face make up has looked a whole lot better! More polished and defined with less product being used for highlighting so there is a huge list of pros for switching to this brush!

I was quite surprised at how small the brush was compared to others I have used for highlighting but now I can really see the logic behind it! I absolutely love this brush and for £6.99 it's a lot more affordable than others on the market!

7 May 2012

Dupe: MAC Hue

Now this isn't an exact dupe but it's too close not to share! As you can see from the swatches on my hand above they look quite different but on the lips they are nearly identical. Bare is ever so slightly darker than Hue and the lip swatches are in different light so that is making them look more different than they actually are. In real life, it'd be quite hard to tell them apart.

Now obviously with the MAC lipstick being 13 times the price of the MUA one, it's nicer in terms of smell, quality and packaging design but the MUA one at a pound is flipping great!

The only real differences in terms of appearance is that the MUA lipstick is more of a flat colour where as MAC Hue is a glaze so has an ever so slight shimmer making the colour have more dimension. Having said this the MUA Bare has got a glossy sheen to it but as it contains no shimmer the body to the colour isn't as nice as Hue but that's just me being very very picky!

I've got a few other dupes I've found in the process of sorting out all of my lipsticks which I'm thinking of showing in just one post rather than a bunch of separate ones, what do you think?

5 May 2012

LUSH: My Top 10 LUSH Products

Products mentioned:

American Cream - Vanilla/strawberry/cream scented conditioner
Seanik - Sea salt and seaweed shampoo bar
Queen Of Hearts - Rose scented facial cleanser (discontinued)
Ickle Baby Bot - Lavender scented bath ballistic
Ultra Bland - Make up remover and cleanser
Honey I washed The Kids - Honey scented soap
Dream Cream - moisturiser for sensitive skin
Creamy Candy - sweet and girly super moisturising bubble bar
Happy Blooming - bath melt that smells just like a cherry yogurt!
Gentle Lentil - Lightly creamy scented solid shampoo

3 May 2012

Review: OPI Nail Envy - Matte

I've abused my nails in the past with acrylics, I didn't really let them have a break and my nails were suffering to say the least! They were peeling like made and any polish I put on peeled off within a day so I kept going back to acrylics and the vicious circle goes on but a couple of months ago now I said goodbye to falsies for good and let my nails have a good air. They split and broke so easily so in desperation I trawled blog after blog and came across this little beauty several times so bit the bullet and purchased it!

I've been using this for over a month now and at first I didn't notice a great deal of difference to my nails but loved it as a base for my regular polish and continued using it anyway. Now a month along the line I have nails! They're noticeably stronger, look healthier than they did before I used acrylics and just generally look like nails and not horrible flaky grossness that they were only a month ago!

I am obviously aware that nails grow so that will have contributed to the overall improvement on their condition but also I really feel Nail Envy helped a massive amount! Before I used this my nails would break at the slightest pressure and baby car seats for example are not a nails best friend so most days I ended up with broken, short nails but when I was wearing this I did notice the difference in the strength of my nail and it helped my nails stop peeling further.

I do still have little bits on the ends of my nail that are still made of the acrylic damaged bits but they haven't split up into the new, healthy nail thanks to this polish.

I have the matte version purely because it was the first one I could get my paws on and I think it was cheaper too so it worked out great! It's not completely matte, it has a sheen of a natural nail which I personally prefer, especially when I'm applying coloured polish over the top I just think the finish makes the polish apply better. This is getting quite a touch longer than I first anticipated so I will wrap things up now! So that condensed - If you have weak, flaky abused nails, buy this. It's brilliant.

2 May 2012

Review: MAC Lipstick in Hue

I adore this lipstick! It's got to be the perfect peachy pink nude I've ever had and I have no idea why it's taken me so long to purchase it! I've been umming and ahhing about it for months now but finally bit the bullet the other week and I'm in love!

It's a Glaze formula which is exactly that, a glaze! It's sheer with a glossy sheen and a lovely wash of colour. I think I prefer their Glaze finish more than their Creamsheen actually! It just feels a lot nicer on my lips and less "cakey".

It's slightly scented, like all MAC lipsticks, with a soft vanilla scent which is noticeable but not overpowering which I'm pleased about because if you've read my blog for a while you'll know I'm not overly keen on scented products on my lips!

It's a beautiful nude with tones of peach and pink which leave enough colour to the lip to notice but not enough so that it wash my lips out. It's such a perfect everyday lip colour that looks natural but polished.It has an ever so slight shimmer appearance to it being a Glaze which doesn't transfer to the lips but leaves lovely dimension to the colour rather than leaving them a flat colour.

I have not stopped wearing this since I got it I just love it so much! I can see this fast becoming my go to lipstick!